About the Artist






Art has always been my passion. I have been an artist since childhood and have always followed it where it would take me.  Beauty, imagination and creativity are what I wish to communicate. I feel landscapes truly speak to the soul. Landscapes involve the beauty of the world around us and our response to it, the places our dreams grow. I feel an impressionist style has much to offer the world in the way of seeing beauty, it is an elusive technique. My goal is to become the best artist I can be and successfully communicate beauty the way I see it to the viewer.
Griff Jones, born November 4, 1968 in Louisville KY. Griff was raised in Bucks County PA and moved to Denver, CO in 1990 to attend The Art Institute Of Colorado. He Graduated in 1992 with an associates degree in commercial art. Griff has been actively showing in galleries since 1993, and has built his career on both abstract and landscape painting. Griff lives in Arvada, CO with his wife Wendy and their two dogs.